Environmental & Community Outreach

Giving Back to the Community

Fairborn Cement Company is committed to environmental stewardship and community enrichment to give back to the community in which we operate.

Partnering with organizations such as BW Greenway Community Land Trust, Pollinator Stewardship Council, The City of Fairborn and the Boy Scouts of America. Fairborn Cement Company builds relationships that have a lasting impact on the community and the environment.

environmental-pollen Environmental & Community Outreach
environmental-tree Environmental & Community Outreach

Fairborn, Ohio Christmas Tree

A community tradition for over 40 years, employees of the Fairborn Cement Plant have moved and placed the annual Christmas tree to downtown Fairborn, Ohio.

Pollinator Habitat

As Fairborn Cement Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, 30 acres of pollinator habitat were recently planted with native wildflowers at a reclaimed quarry. After planting the wildflowers, an apiary was added to the site.

In partnership with the Pollinator Stewardship Council and the Ohio State Beekeepers Association, the Wildflower site is surveyed annually to document the improvements to the habitat.

environmental-pollinator Environmental & Community Outreach
environmental-fields Environmental & Community Outreach

Ernie Apt Fields

For many generations, members of the Fairborn and surrounding communities have used Ernie Apt Fields. These baseball and football fields are owned by the Fairborn Cement Company.

Educational Tours

Educational tours of the Fairborn Cement Company’s facilities are frequently provided to Ohio teachers. This group of teachers are with the group Science Teaching for Ohio’s New Economy (STONE). Project STONE is a two-week continuing education class and emphasizes that everything we use has to be either grown or mined.

environmental-tours Environmental & Community Outreach
Reclaimed-Quarry Environmental & Community Outreach

Reclaimed Quarry Site

The Fairborn Cement Company takes pride in our conservation efforts and how our quarries are reclaimed. We far exceed the reclamation requirements of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). After reclamation, our quarries improve the local wildlife habitat and have many potential beneficial end uses.