Safety is our #1 responsibility at the Fairborn Cement Company. We are a multi-generational workforce who view our co-workers as family, always watching out for the well-being of each other, the community, as well as the facility. Safety does not stop when we leave our jobs, but continues in our everyday lives away from work.

At the Fairborn Cement Company, our goal is that every employee, vendor, contractor and visitor leave our facility in the same health as when they arrived. Site specific and task specific training of all non-employees as well as regularly scheduled employee safety meetings, brings safety awareness to the frontline.

Our employee driven safety culture provides the benefit of active engagement and continuous improvement in this area. Open and candid conversations between our employees, elevates our safety awareness and drives safety improvements through actionable items.

We strive for effective safety performance, measuring ourselves and conducting internal audits that are an integral part of our health and safety standards practices.

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