Bulk Packaging Solutions

Fairborn Cement is now offering bulk packaging solutions for our customers. Our current offering is Type IL portland cement packaged in 2500 pound, bulk polywoven bags. The bulk bag is a design and process solution to certain markets where bulk tanker delivery is not accessible and traditional bagged quantities are too cumbersome. Our bulk bag full of cement is a perfect in-between solution for these markets and job sites.

Super-Sacks-on-Truck-4 Bulk Packaging
IL_Supersacks1-768x1024 Bulk Packaging


Bulk bags can be used on, but are not limited to, the following types of project sites:

  • Space restricted soil stabilization projects
  • Oil well pads and access roads
  • Slip repairs and erosion control
  • Utility works
  • Limited access or remote projects
  • Silo space restrictions or limitations
  • Projects requiring lower quantities than a full tanker

The bulk bags are polywoven with a 3 mil form fitted liner and 3.5 mil stretch hood for strength, durability and weather protection. There is a intake spout on top of the bag and a discharge spout on the bottom of the bag for emptying convenience.

A bag size of  35" X 35" X 36" and a weight of  2500 lbs. allows for 20 full bulk bags to be loaded onto a full size flatbed semi trailer.

For additional information and availability, please contact the sales professional in your area, call our logistics personnel at (937) 879-8379 or use the contact us section of the website. We would be happy to hear from you and provide a solution to your needs.